Transepidermal water loss

jason mayer
2 min readFeb 12, 2022


Do you know that feeling when you wake up and your skin is very dry, your features drawn and your lips chapped? This is called transepidermal water loss: it is the process by which water escapes from our skin. Although this is completely normal, it can sometimes be difficult for your skin to regain its balance. This water loss makes it more sensitive to fine lines from dehydration, it causes marks more easily, look dull and can even cause blemishes.

Like almost every function of our body, transepidermal water loss is linked to what is called our chronobiological rhythm. In general, water loss is greatest during the night because it is when your skin is working the most. If you also sleep with electric heating: the water will escape faster. The air works like a sponge, if it is dry it will seek humidity around it. This is why you have to strengthen your skin barrier to prevent water from escaping your skin.

How to strengthen your skin barrier?

To protect your skin against this phenomenon, you must strengthen your epidermis by forming a protective film on your skin.

The customer should understand that nourishing the skin should be one of the top priorities to get glowing and moisturised skin. For that, it is important to use a face serum. A serum is one of the most powerful products that have the pure goodness of its ingredients. That is the reason a serum is recommended. A vitamin C serum can be effective. So in the morning skincare routine, you should add vitamin c serum and after five minutes of applying vitamin c, you should apply your face moisturiser.

Before going to sleep, a double cleansing with Vitamin E or Vitamin C should be integrated. This step will ensure that skin gets rid of dirt impurities from your daily work and makes the skin fresh and clean. It will allow your skin to be more comfortable and not to be dry.

After cleansing, apply a vitamin C lotion or moisturiser to bring a shot of hydration to the skin. This will allow your skin to maintain a good level of hydration. Then apply a few drops of face serum. It will seal the active ingredients of the moisturiser and will form a protective film for your skin. The serum will act as an anti-dehydration shield for your skin.

To Conclude

To conclude we would like to suggest that transepidermal water loss is a serious problem your skin can face so to protect it and preserve it to be glowing, customers should add skincare products that can enhance hydration levels of the skin. Some of the products include lotions and serums to preserve and lock hydration.