Facial and Skincare: What you should know

jason mayer
3 min readFeb 19, 2022

How many times do you touch your skin in a day? You really have no idea how many germs or bacteriamove from your finger to your face. Moreover, our skin contacts with sun rays, dust and pollution throughout the day. You need to clean your skin and prevent it from damage. Facial and skincare can help you to remove the dirt on your skin and maintain good health of skin as well.


Facial is actually a part of skincare program you can take. It offers a lot of benefits. Your face will be spoiled by spa therapy and massage. Those can make your face skin look clearer and fresher. Your skin will be soft and the bonus is you can even have younger skin. Isn’t it tempting?

How does facial work? The idea of facial is it clears the clogged pores and removes the dead skin cells. The massage targets on blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The relax facial muscles let you prevent some aging symptoms like wrinkles.

Facial also helps you reduce the impact of sun exposure. Dehydration appears to be a primary effect of sun damage. Facial offers moisturising therapy by using hydrating active ingredients like essential oil. This will bring back your skin barrier function. Another good thing is it helps you restore your skin health from incorrect product use. In addition, the aesthetician can give you some recommendations of products to use that meet your skin condition.It is also a skincare program that helps you reduce your stress.


To support the facial treatment, you can also use skincare products that suitable for your skin type and condition. Try your best to buy good quality products because those can make you have better skin look. Remember that taking a good care of your skin health is an investment. Poor quality products may lead you to skin irritation and that will take long time for recovery and of course need a lot more money.

Why is it important to use good skincare? It is primarily because good skincare products give you good skin condition. Effective skincare routine prevents you from skin damage, like acnes, wrinkles, redness etc.

When your skin is healthy and your skin barrier functions well, you will look more youthful. This is because your good quality skincare removes your dead skin cells and replaces with newer and fresher cells. The result is it can boost your self-confidence. A good appearance brings a good mood.

Doing facial and using skincare products should be a routine. The key is you need to spend some of your time to take care of your skin. Prevention is easier than correction. Start maintaining a good health of your skin from now so that you will not have regret ahead. Be patient and enjoy the process because both facial and skincare products will not give you instant results. Support the program with change of lifestyle into a healthy one so that you can reach your beauty and healthy inside and out.